Atlantic Highlands is the highest natural point along the two-thousand-mile expanse of the Atlantic Seaboard from Maine to the Yucatan in Mexico. For well over 500 years, these seaward hills have been a destination for those seeking clean, fresh drinking water. Today, Atlantic Highlands water comes from deep underground aquifers that render the water’s unique properties – the delicate minerals and salt content and the right balance of magnesium and calcium – optimal for brewing all-natural, balanced and flavorful coffee.

Virtually all the available pre-made latte coffees have 50+ grams of sugar, preservatives, artificial additives and dairy. There is no pre-made keto coffee available in the world today… Until now!

The Original Keto Coffee Company
After mastering the process and formula, we created a line of naturally caffeinated keto coffees using a special, 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America carefully combined with quality natural nut milks – full of flavor and healthier than cow’s milk, which is full of sugar.

Our long-roasted specialty coffee beans reveal their highly aromatic notes, rich body and flavor and distinctive Italian espresso taste, blending beautifully with naturally low-fat nut milks. And the introduction of nitro-infusion produces a thick and creamy texture and smooth mouthfeel that sets it apart from all other non-keto coffees on the market.

Drink our Keto Coffee ice cold – It’s delicious!

Manufactured and bottled on premises in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey by the one, the only, The Original Keto Coffee Company LLC